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Nordic Skin Care

Nordic Skin Care was established in Bergen in 2014, and is the sole distributor of Hormeta skincare products in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

The Swiss skincare manufacturer Hormeta has since 1949 developed very effective treatments that combine specially selected trace elements with active ingredients from nature to give you a beautiful, balanced and radiant skin. Hormeta has its own research and production in Switzerland, and are pioneers in the use of trace elements in cosmetics. By adding a combination of ionized trace elements in skincare products as do the active ingredients quickly absorbed and starts working immediately. Trace elements are essential for healthy skin, and lack of these leads to dehydration, premature skin aging and loss of flexibility and elasticity. Hormetas research allows to compensate age-related hormonal and skin problems, in addition to those caused by external influences. Hormeta offers a complete line of skin care products for face and body.

The main activity in Hormetas business is located in a small village near Geneva. Hormeta have an organizational structure that provides the 100% control over their own production lines , and the quality of the raw materials used in production . This ensures Hormetas consumers the highest quality of the products .