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HORME MAT Serum with purifying plants

HORME MAT Serum with purifying plants


  • 47 EUR

Hormeta Serum with purifying plants is a targeted serum for oily skin prone to impurities, enriched with purifying active ingredients that help keep the surface of the skin clear and cleansed.

Ingredients/properties: An effective concentrated formula combining: a sebum-regulating plant complex to help prevent bacteria proliferation, an extract of organic fireweed to reduce pore size, an exclusive complex of salicylic acid and acacia gum with exfoliating properties to matify and visibly improve the overall appearance of oily skin, and HORMETA's specific trace elements complex.

Directions for use: Apply in the morning and/or evening on thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Let penetrate before applying appropriate skincare cream.

Size: 30 ml

91% The skin is purified.*

Cleanse the surface of the epidermis, visibly reduce the size of the pores and reduce shining. The balance of the skin is restored.

The skin is cleaner 86%
Impurities have disappeared 73%
Skin texture is refined 91%
Shining is reduced 86%

A non-sticky, extra-light formula.

*Test carried by an independent dermatological institute on 20 women aged 18 to 70, after 28 days of use.

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