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HORME MOIST Infini Nutri Nuit Rest Cream

HORME MOIST Infini Nutri Nuit Rest Cream


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Hormeta Infini Nutri Nuit Rest Cream is a velvety night cream that give nourishment and moisture to reduce tightness at the end of the day. The rich ingredients work through the night, and you will wake up with revitalized, smooth, soft skin.

Ingredients/properties: All the nourishing benefits of avocado, echium and macadamia nut vegetable oils and organic extracts of beech tree bud and wild acanthus, combined with HORMETA's specific trace elements complex.

Directions for use: Apply in the evening, on thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

Size: 50 ml

100% The skin is more supple in the morning

After a long day, reduce the sensation of itching, and soften the skin.*

The skin is hydrated and nourished 100%
Dehydration and itching sensations are reduced 100%
The skin is smoother, firmer, and more beautiful 100%
The skin is full of vitality 100%

* Test carried by an independent dermatological institute on 20 women aged 18 to 70, after 21 days of use.

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