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HORME LIFT High Redefinition Cream (Feminissime)

HORME LIFT High Redefinition Cream (Feminissime)


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Hormeta High Redefinition Cream (Feminissime) improves skin density, reconstructs, hydrates, fights tissue sagging and helps reshape the contours of the face. 

The skin is smoother and visibly firmer.

Perfectly hydrated, it recovers suppleness and tonicity.

Nourished, it experiences less uncomfortable tightness and elasticity is regained.

Ingredients/properties: HORMETA's specific trace elements complex with high-technology active ingredients for a firming, hydrating, reshaping and anti-oxidant effect: amber algae, rich in isoflavones, recommended in case of cell activity slowed down by hormone changes. Argan oil, millennium’s old liquid gold, rich in essential fatty acids, hydrating* and nourishing. Natural phytosteroid complex of soy and wild yam, protects collagen, elastin fibers, protects and stimulates remodeling enzymes.

Directions for use: Apply in the morning and/or evening on thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

For added effect: After application of the treatment, perform the following active movements 3 times:
1. Remodel the oval of the face with the back of your hands starting from the chin and moving up to the ears.
2. With your fingertips, smooth over the nasolabial folds (smile lines), from the chin by working upwards along the nose, between the eyebrows (the lion wrinkle). Smooth over the base of the forehead ending with the temples.
3. Smooth over the forehead using the flat of your hands, alternatively from one temple to the other.
4. Smooth over the neck with the back of your hands while moving up towards the scalp.
5. Smooth over the neckline with the flat of your hands.

Size: 50 ml

84% The skin is more supple

Smoothes and firms the skin, helps restore comfort and tonicity.*

Feelings of tightness and discomfort are reduced 84%

The skin is nourished and better hydrated 84%

The skin is smoother +41% improved

The skin is firmer +38% improved

* Clinical test carried out by an independent dermatological institute on 19 women aged 40 to 65, after 21 days application.

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