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HORME PURE Cleansing Beauty Milk

HORME PURE Cleansing Beauty Milk


  • 34 EUR

Hormeta Cleansing Beauty Milk gently cleanses the skin, removes make up and eliminates impurities. All ages. All skin types.

Ingredients/properties: Wheat germ oil and corn germ oil, very rich in vitamin E, protects the skin from outside aggressions and contributes with essential fatty acids for maintening the integrity of skin cells,combined with HORMETA's specific trace elements complex for maintaining a good skin nutritional balance. Formulated without parabens.

Directions for use: Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and neckline in circular movements so as to dissolve make-up and impurities, then remove using moist sponge or cotton pads.
It is also possible to emulsify it with water.
To finish off the cleansing routine, use HORME PURE Gentle Tonic Water with orange blossom.

Size: 200 ml

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