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HORME CAPT ARL Stress Capture Essence

HORME CAPT ARL Stress Capture Essence


  • 94 EUR

Hormeta ARL Stress Capture Essence is a premium, high-tech serum to protect the skin from the damaging effects of modern living and preserve beautiful, youthful-looking skin. ARL Stress Capture Essence forms an ultra-protective anti-stress shield for a reinforced defence against oxidation and damaging effects of secondary free radicals.

Ingredients/properties: An invigorating essential concentrate rich in specific active ingredients: Lipochroman™ enhances the anti-free radical effect and cellular protection provided by the ARL HORMETA factor, an exclusive complex of vitamins and Swiss organic plants with anti-oxidant properties, peptides and stabilising silk and wheat protein hydrolyzates detox the skin and boost cellular regeneration, a rutin derivative reinforces skin tissue resistance and evens the complexion, along with HORMETA's specific trace elements complex.

Directions for use: Apply in the morning and/or evening on thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Let penetrate before applying appropriate skincare cream.

Size: 30ml

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