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HORME CAPT ARL Stress Capture Mask

HORME CAPT ARL Stress Capture Mask


  • 84 EUR

Hormeta ARL Stress Capture Mask is the ultimate detox mask packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and Swiss plant extracts to give you a healthy skin with a beautiful glow. Your skin will love this mask and you will love the healthy, fresh glow you get.

Ingredients/properties: A formula rich in highly efficient active ingredients: HORMETA ARL factor, an exclusive complex of vitamins and Swiss plants with anti-oxidant properties, carrot oil extract, and carthamus, wheatgerm and corn oils, along with HORMETA's specific trace elements complex.

Directions for use: Apply in a thick layer on thoroughly cleansed ace and neck. Leave for 20 minutes then remove using a damp cloth.

Size: 50ml

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